Why Baguio

Baguio City as a venue for your retirement, education, and real estate investment

Baguio from SM 3rd Floor

Baguio City is a vacation place for families who work in Metro Manila and other big cities in the south. What makes this area unique compared to other vacation areas around the Philippines is its cold climate and cleanliness.

Historically, Baguio has been a healing place for American soldiers during the early 1900s. It was always preferred by Generals who had to choose between other cities in Asia. The city until today has its hot springs, healing spas, parks, the cold weather and clean streets. It still serves as a healing place, but also to every Filipino.

Baguio City is also the burgeoning educational  and business center of Northern Luzon. Students come in Baguio from all over the Philippines (i.e. Korea and Africa) to study. Students , especially foreign ones, are particularly fond of the similar climate they have where they came from.

So for those who want to invest in Real estate in the Philippines, or if you just want your own cozy vacation place, then Baguio is the place to be!

Baguio Session Road

Baguio City as a retirement haven:

  • Healthy cool climate
  • Clean and ordered city
  • Numerous health spas, massage centers and hospitals
  • Parks and other recreation areas (golf course, tennis, jogging areas etc)
  • Complete access to City living and infrastructure (malls and other shopping, restaurants, good roads)

Baguio City as an education center:

  • Baguio City is dubbed as “the education center of the North”
  • Ordered city, lower crime rates than Metro Manila
  • Access to different schools and courses (Saint Louis University, University of Cordilleras, UP Baguio, etc.)
  • Lower cost of living compared to Metro Manila
  • Relaxing climate and does not flood

Baguio City real estate as an investment:

  • Students and professionals are always looking for places to rent
  • Tourism continues to increase inflow of people and businesses
  • Increasing talent pool of graduates entices more companies to set up shop in Baguio (i.e. call centers)
  • The climate is perfect for factory conditions – increasing factories
  • Construction of the new highway which will connect Baguio to Manila in just 3-4 hours of driving (Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway)
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